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Colorado Artist Tommy Gallagher releases timely "Love & Politics"

Colorado Springs, June 21st 2003: with America rushing into war amid worldwide protests, Colorado Artist Tommy Gallagher has a few things to say on his debut CD, "Love & Politics."

This disc of all original songs features the colorado springs-based artist playing all the instruments and asking some tough questions about his country and its current direction. and he explores the personal politics of love, both for the earth and for other people. "Love & Politics" covers a lot of ground.

Tommy has been dubbed a singer-songwriter and a blues-rocker, both tags that describe two sides of him. alone with an acoustic guitar, or leading a bar band, he can play both roles and more. but don't box him into any one genre; the proof of his eclectic tastes and diverse sounds are contained in "love & politics."

In an age when so many people clamor to be heard, but have little to say, tommy is tackling the big picture of democracy and the state of our country, all set to infectious melodies and rhythms that move the feet.

The song, "Political Sin," asks "Is the cold war really faded?" "foolish words, another talking head, deja? vu, here we go again..." in the spirit of the troubadour whose art pushes listeners out of their mundane circumstances, Tommy questions the future of a world in which the lone superpower declares itself free from the need for consensus and alliances. on this track, his use of sound bites from television ("read my lips" intones a bush sound-alike; "i can hear you" echoes a skeptic) recalls both John Mayall's "television eye" and Gil Scott-Heron's "the revolution will not be televised."

Tommy's not stuck on earnest protest, however, as he establishes with his playful "you can be anything," "even bugs bunny." he rewrites the rules for love songs with "crazy," a retro, amusing look at the issues typically glossed over in traditional ballads about boy-meets-girl.

His Soulful side comes out on "The System," a composition inspired by Bob Marley's groove. Tommy plays a tasteful wah guitar to an infectious reggae beat here, while ruminating over the gulf between rich and poor.

Tommy Gallagher's "Love & Politics" is evidence for the ultimate power of the digital revolution that increasingly frees artists from the music industry machine. he's done the recording and production himself, and the results are a powerful statement about america in the new millennium that listeners ignore at their own peril.

Phil Carson Author:
Roy Buchanan American Axe
(San Francisco:Backbeat Books)

Added:  Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Reviewer:  Tommy Gallagher
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