Love & Politics “Remastered”

The Hidden War which is where I have been for the Last 10 yrs, when I went on a Hiatus from Music to help Fight for all of Mankind and the Children of the Planet, the Great Awakening which is Now Unfolding, that & much more comes on another Blog post... Ha

I started recording Love & Politics in 2000 and was released on June 21st 2003. Late 1999 I bought New Digital hardware gear out at that time, a Tascam 788 Porta Studio all Pre Cool Editing Digital Studio Grade Software & Laptops we Use today. By a Far, Night & Day technology A Change for the Positive.

On this Project I pretty much did everything, from Recording & Mixing to Playing all Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Drum Programming, all start to finish. Even CD Design & Layout was something I had to get all programmed.

The Beautiful Harmonies are from Judy Scott. Other than that, its was Pretty Much All My Solo Creation.

17 yrs have gone by since I released this CD, played in a few other Music Projects and really got to work with some of the Best in the Music Industry. Playing with todays Technology, Mastering more Specific. I fell in Love again with this album, what I was able to Change & Improve Audio wise inspired me to release this version.

Technology as we know is so fast now, so much further than 17 yrs ago. The recording software & other tools Exploded in the late 2000s to where we are Now, is More than Incredible for Production Audio & Film Purposes. The Sound & Editing Abilities we have vs a High Dollar Studio we can't afford. We all Can be in the Game Now.

When I released the CD June of 2003, I Originally did Not have any mastering done as it was Brought to my attention..doh. More Learning Cure of Audio Production ha. Needless to say mastering of early 2000s was still very expensive and the biggest in the Industry, Bob Ludwig was many Thousands of dollars, all the Majors you can think of was Bob ears. I did however have some Minor Mastering done but was Not anything of todays or Economic availability in those early years but a Great learning experience.

Most My Software is on my Laptop, I can play with a Variety of Audio Sources. Mixing Large bands, Many Tracks is my favorite. In building up my Production Talents with Mastering tools, I started to play around with my CD Love & Politics. I have done a Few Updates with Political Sin but Nothing released so to Speak. On hearing my CD & what I was Doing with these tools I was able to take this Production much further IN Audio Quality and as I said , Fell in Love again with my production. These Technology tools not only brought out Judy Scotts Wonderful Harmonies but all the guitars & other Instruments I remember tracking when I created all of this are jumping with purity. Im amazed at what I was Putting together with the Pre Technology of Our Current time. Makes Me Smile.

2 things Kinda happened at the same time in this Process of Playing with Audio Tracks.

1 was, most my Influences from the Beatles to the Allman Brothers Band all put out REMASTERED albums from their first original release,

so Why cant I….. ?

I started to fully Remaster with the plans of Releasing Love & Politics down the road, which led into #2.

the 2nd is kinda Obvious… Things are in a Great deal of Political Turmoil right Now. 

Political Sin is Happening All Around Us, Its what Inspired the Song, Sad to Say. So I felt it was Natural along with that a few of these tunes were written about this timeline that I foresaw long ago, back in the 70s.

Political Sin has had Updates with Appearances by GHWB GWB HRC BHO &  JB Corn Pop was a Bad Dude

Listening to the Slight Re Mix, with the Mastering Production tools Blew me Away. I was Like, this is what I was trying to get going way back but Independent tools just were Not there in 2003, I laugh Now & Cant believe the Production I was able to make, I think Holy Cow..... Man I must of Been Spiritually possessed. Yes I was.

So here we are, Im releasing My CD Love & Politics ReMastered, available for Download & Streaming only, if the demand is there…Chuckle… I will add those other Lovelies, true Albums & CDs physical copies.

3 New Songs, 2 Written just as we went to War in 2003, recorded in 06. The 21st Century & Monster Produced by Myself & Michael Reese Who played Lead Guitar on those & in my Live Band TGIF or Tommy Gallagher’s Incredible Friends. Michael is a L.A.Music Award Winner, Guitarist Virtuoso & Credentials are way too many to list, Outstanding Player & Person.

It’s Coming down was Written in 2010 as I began my Parts in the War, Channeled by God you could say. I tried to record 2x in the early years of being written but could never get a tone that I was Looking for. Late in 2015 I was able to get some of that tonal recorded and was able to complete production for in January 2016.

As with Love & Politics It’s Coming Down is about Our Timeline right Now….Right Now.

The System, was Written in the Late 70s, and is about Right Now

Shes Gonna Take care Of you, is about all times, but is about Right Now.

Political Sin, Has always Been Ongoing but the Players Dots all Connected & its about Right Now more than Ever, what is unfolding Corruption wise Politically, Political Sin, When did it all Begin ?

Whats it Gonna Be.....You Gonna Steal From Me is about Right Now & back Then.

The 21st Century is about Our turning at this moment, War is Not the Answer is it Mr Trump, Best President Ever

and Here we are with President Trump getting us Out of Wars.


WHAT is Coming will be Huge but it will be for the People.

TRUMP…..He is Spot on just in case you dont like him, Sorry he Plays a Part as we all do.

I didnt Like DJT back then 2016 either, under the Influence of Operation Mocking Bird as Many today fight the Programming.

I Love the Guy today,

He really is Helping Humanity, Helping Children Big-time from Human traffickers & other Child Sex Crimes.

Get Ready its Huge, This Is Gods Turn, Its a God Event


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