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Posted by Southpaw on Jan 06, 2017 - 09:15 AM

Many years ago, "click read more lower left"

Del Casher

Many years ago growing up and learning guitar the Wah Wah was the Expression Pedal to have.

I remember hearing, yeah Frank Zappa Invented the Wah Wah, I thought cool, Frank was the guy who made this pedal as the Crazy musical genius he is-was.

NOPE.....and many more years later, here is the True Story....and Yes Frank Zappa does have a Part he plays in the Wah Wah Success to the masses.

Read this Incredible Story written By Johnny Whiteside of L.A. WEEKLY by clicking the pic of Del Casher from 1966 and it will bring you to the Article at L.A.

enjoy this piece of History :) ..... Wah Wah.....

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