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Posted by Rowland on Mar 27, 2004 - 07:35 AM

Seeing how it was brought to my attention, Thanks Dave B. Well thought I would give you guys and update as what’s going on in Tommy’s world these days.

Well Lots, some I can tell you at this time some will wait. In the music world I have decided to put the performing priority on a “when it happens basis”. Trying to get booked in my area has been difficult, both as a solo performer and with my band. I have been really trying to stay away from the bar scene 9-1am gig, which has hindered performing but its such a dead end avenue without pay here for the bar gig. Been there done that for years and that’s not what I want. So my writing and recording is one of my main priorities and going to take my time doing it and getting away from my rushed I’m not getting anywhere attitude. Just want to enjoy the ride a little more. Now there is nothing like a live performance so you never know when I’ll be showing up. SO I will be in recording mode for the next several months and will post if any events come up.

3-4 tunes are in progress on the New CD I will try to put a sample up soon. Something that has developed in the last year is my working with a guitarist named Michael Reese. He was nominated Best Guitarist of the year L.A. Music Awards and has jammed with Mitch Mitchell> Jimmy Hendrix’s Drummer, Mick Fleetwood of yeah that Band and numerous sessions and movie scores. Michael is producing/playing on my next CD along with being a member of my Band. Michael plays in these other 2 projects that I feel both are so much closer to making it to the big show than my Project. Tommy Stephenson will be doing Keyboards for me. This guy is a nut and I know where he got it. Joe Walsh asked Tommy to join his projects back in the early 70’s,then into a Eric Clapton project and then he did a stint with Steven Stills in the 80’s. Both these guys are top notch and play in both these other bands besides my project. I met both these guys at an event we performed at last year and we all just hit it off. So this has pushed some of my other personal Items on the back burner, which is just fine. I am having a blast helping promote these guys and hopefully both of them will be picked up by FLYING FROG RECORDS in the real near future.
The Train wreckers are out of Denver/Colo Springs and F5 here in the Colorado Springs. The Train Wreckers is 2 sisters with awesome vocals in the Sheryl Crow Vein. F5 is in the Jam/Jazz Vein. Both Projects are 10’s on the 1-10 scale. I will be keeping you all informed of how these projects develop. Hopefully I will be on the road with these guys soon, but I will be playing Road Manager and maybe a little Guitar if they let me…LOL

Thank you for all your support.
Peace & Love

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