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Posted by Rowland on Sep 07, 2003 - 10:49 AM

Thought it might be time for an update on whatís Tommy been up to. Well I have been lining up my guest musicians for my upcoming CD, which will be Acoustic on most of the tracks. There is at least one tune that will go electric, a jazz Instrumental tune called Kerplunk. Kim Stone of Spro Gyra / The Rippingtons [1] will play stand up/electric bass. Kim has won numerous awards, received Grammy nominations and was rated as one of the top 5 jazz bassists in the country.

Michael Reese [2], guitar wizard will do a few tracks for me also. Michael was nominated for best album and guitarist of the year in 1995. Michael has a Jeff Beck feel and is unbelievable with the whammy bar. For you guitarists he is using the original fender spring whammy. Not too many folks mastered this as we all know how to break strings, but Michael is right on. The tones he gets his strat to sing are music to my ears or any ears for that matter. What an awesome guitar player with just an incredible technique. Recording is going to start very soon. Still no title or a projected completion date but sure I will have a better idea down the road. The CD will be mostly originals and a couple of cover tunes. Eyes of the World by the Grateful Dead and Donít Know Why by Norah Jones. A couple songs from my previous CD will also be on this project. Just an acoustic guitar, vocals and stand up bass.

I have been finishing up producing Sonya Gordonís CD "Simple Life," unfortunately as with any artist including myself, money (lack of) is what slows us down the most. She is currently listening to the pre-master and making any changes before we master in Pro Tools $$$. She is also a schoolteacher and is tending to her most important responsibilities at the moment, the children.

Trying to get my solo acoustic promo package in order so I can start booking myself lots more. So many things to do. Working on getting endorsements and sponsorship = $$ to continue projects. If you feel you would like to get involved in some capacity please drop me a line. Well this is the update for now.

Thank you all for your support


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