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Tommy JamminTommy Gallagher
Tommy is a self taught musician, picking up the tennis racket and mock jamming to the 45's of the Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and many other 60ís 70's Rock'n'Roll bands. Realizing what a blast real music was, he dropped the racket and bought a Sears Silvertone guitar and amp for $22.00 Although Tommy would play in various projects, the real desire to play music did not flourish till his late 20ís.

Tommy Gallagher is not your run of the mill "Dude with a guitar."

Left of center, sarcastic, and a bit pissed off, Gallagher breaks the mold of the stereotypical singer/songwriter and instead revels in pushing the envelope by blending the rawness of a Blues Rocker and the softness of a balladeer with the edginess of rock and roll.

Tommy was an original member of Second Generation from 1987 till the bands Last Show in December of '95 & Tribute music night to Jerry Garcia.

Tommy at the ACID JAZZ JAM
Tommy then played in a project called Moon Magic from 97 to 99. This was a six-piece band playing Santana to Dwight Yocum, mostly a cover band playing the Colorado Frontrange area. Upon the band break up, Gallagher very much wanted to get back into recording his original compositions and put out a CD. So in the summer of 2000 he purchased a variety of recording equipment and started recording Love & Politics.

On June 21st, 2003 Love & Politics, fully Mastered at Valentine Digital Studioís by "Bill Douglass-Smashing Pumkins" & many others, was hot off the press and officially released. Independent & College Radio stations around the country had Love & Politics in their daily rotation.

Performing Solo for 5 Years Tommy wanting very much back to the Band vibe,

"TGIF" was formed with 2 World Renown Players, 5x Grammy Nominee
Bassist Kim Stone & L.A. Music Award Winner Guitar Virtuoso Michael Reese.

Bryant-Michael-Kim-Tommy-Dewey "TGIF" Tommy Gallagher's Incredible Friends
From 2008-2010
Tommy Gallagher Guitar & Vocals

L.A. Music Award Winner Guitar Virtuoso,
Michael Reese Lead Guitar & Vocals

5X Grammy Nominee, former Spyro Gyra - Firefall - The Rippingtons
Bassist Kim Stone Bass Guitar

Colorado's Own-Shakedown Street Original member,
Bryant Jones B3-Keyboards

Wendy Woo & The Blue Riddum Band
Jimmy Lange B3 - Keyboards

Iron Butterfly-Badfinger-
Lenny Campanaro Drums

Session Drummer Capital Records-Lava Man
Dewey Steele Drums

Wayne-Tommy-Michael-Bryant  Backrow Kim-DeweyA New Brain For Arnie
This was 5x Grammy Nominee Bassist Kim Stones Project.

Member from 2009 til Tommy left August 2011 Completely improvised Freeform start to finish. A wonderful band that could take you all over the Universe.

Nobody ever Wins The Giant Panda is our CD if you can find it.

A New Brain For Arnie

Produced & Mixed By Tommy Gallagher, Kim Stone & Michael Reese.


Kim Stone Bass
Michael Reese Guitar
Wayne Hammerstadt Guitar
Bryant Jones Keyboards
Dewey Steele Drums
Tommy Gallagher Guitar

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Smellin' The Flowers and taking my time

Posted on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 07:35 AM

Seeing how it was brought to my attention, Thanks Dave B. Well thought I would give you guys and update as whatís going on in Tommyís world these days.

Well Lots, some I can tell you at this time some will wait. In the music world I have decided to put the performing priority on a ďwhen it happens basisĒ. Trying to get booked in my area has been difficult, both as a solo performer and with my band. I have been really trying to stay away from the bar scene 9-1am gig, which has hindered performing but its such a dead end avenue without pay here for the bar gig. Been there done that for years and thatís not what I want. So my writing and recording is one of my main priorities and going to take my time doing it and getting away from my rushed Iím not getting anywhere attitude. Just want to enjoy the ride a little more. Now there is nothing like a live performance so you never know when Iíll be showing up. SO I will be in recording mode for the next several months and will post if any events come up.

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What's Happenin', Tommy?

Posted on Sunday, September 07, 2003 - 10:49 AM

Thought it might be time for an update on whatís Tommy been up to. Well I have been lining up my guest musicians for my upcoming CD, which will be Acoustic on most of the tracks. There is at least one tune that will go electric, a jazz Instrumental tune called Kerplunk. Kim Stone of Spro Gyra / The Rippingtons will play stand up/electric bass. Kim has won numerous awards, received Grammy nominations and was rated as one of the top 5 jazz bassists in the country.

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