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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the "Curtain" Articles / Site Links
Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 - 08:14 AM

OZ behind the curtain

NWO-New World Order, The Deep State, The Illuminati, The Cabal, Khazarian Mafia, The Vatican
many other Names thru Time & History but these Corrupt Groups and Many others are all linked in some manner to Control "Every Aspect" on the Planet.

JFK wanted to expose these groups, he did a Bit before they got to him as RFK and many others who followed trying to Bring Truths, Expose the LIES & Control mechanisms behind the Curtain.

"Do NOT Believe Me" unless you have researched, do your Own research. Seek The Truth and you Shall See. Use Discernment but learn...LEARN to LOOK, Learn to Really SEE

These rabbit Holes are DEEP and NOT Pretty but it is what gets us out of this Death Grip and truly will set us Free once they are EXPOSED for truly what they have been doing to all of Mankind.

SPIRIT is REAL, Christ & other Prophets are REAL,
the Religions were Manipulated-Compromised to Control Mankind, keep us Fighting & in Conflict "Every one of them" does not matter who you subscibed too...they "ALL" were compromised a LONG LONG Time ago

"WE ALL" have been Lied to on Such a Grand Scale.

For the Children, Children's, Children

Alternative sites mostly are trying to spread News, Intel, Information & Understandings. Many of these sites repost a current article from another site. There is No Doubt there is Much Disinformation out there which is WHY Discernment is Needed .

This has been Part of the War, to keep you hidden from the truths, keep you confused, dumbed down and NOT wanting the Medical Technologies, Anti Gravity to REALLY FREE OURSELVES, CURES & HEALING for pretty much EVERY > Disease. YES EVERY DISEASE

What you Don't know or are Not Aware of, you can't ask for?, Can't Lose what you never had!

Every Major outlet, ABC,NBC,CBS FOX,CNN,MSNBC, many more have been part of the CON JOB "Against Humanity", many times Unknowingly following a Script or being Brainwashed themselves. The Electronic Technologies & Exotic weapons used against Humanity is HEARTBREAKING!

The Script is NOT 100% all CON JOB, It is a combination of Misleading and truths. If you would like to understand Fake News Better go to the Post Good vs Evil for the Love of Our Planet, I expalin in more detail how this works.

The Allure of Hope also Sets the Hook.

After a Period of time listening & watching your favorite TV News Anchor, News Outlet you start to trust everything that is said or printed. A perfect example of this is Facebook, look how everyone jumps on "Breaking News" Syria Gas attack and How Assad was Guilty, which has Now been proven he had NOTHING to do with it. Now please go Listen to What EX CIA Robert Steel has to say about this in the links below, look for the John McCain treason link. Robert Steel EX CIA Operative was also a Specialist in False Flag Operations. Also explained a little in the other post I mentioned earlier.

This is OUR Timeline but this has been going on for Thousands & Thousands of years, Jesus Had his encounter did he Not?

Many of these truths are being released via Alternative sites, Whistle blowers etc...Like Wiki Leaks.

Just something for you to THINK about regarding WikiLeaks. They have released Thousands & thousands of Pages & other such Intel on various Subjects, People & Organizations.

Not Once have they been Forced to RETRACT, been Sued for False Information or Defamation of Character,
NOT ONCE....let that sink in a bit.

Just Click the Grey links, They will take you Directly to the Source of these various Articles or Youtube videos etc.

I highly recommend visiting EX CIA Clandestine agent, Robert David Steele.
This Man is Brilliant, please check out his Credentials & Public service bottom of his site

Robert David Steele, Former Clandestine CIA Operative
Robert David Steel Personal website

Robert David Steele and Cynthia Ann McKinney "FUND RAISER SITE"
#UNRIG: "Summer of Peace" Which Features My Song #UNRIG The System- as Adopted Music for their Movement

Secret Space Program / Disclosure

BRAND NEW As Hurricane Irma Approaches More Photos of Antigravity UFOs near MacDill AFB

BRAND NEW US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group – the Antarctica Connection

BRAND NEW Evidence and Proof - MUFON, and The Case For A Secret Space Program

BRAND NEW Mars Slave Labor Controversy Builds with More Whistleblower Testimony

BRAND NEW Humans Are Free: UFOs: Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial & Metaterrestrial

NEW NASA Accidentally Films the Best UFO Sighting Yet

NEW Slave Colony on Mars Claim goes Mainstream

NEW Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure

NEW World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure

NEW Engineer Concludes: 2016 SpaceX Rocket Explosion Caused by UAP (UFO)

NEW Did Google Just Reveal a Human Facility on Mars? (Video)

NEW New Majestic Document Corroborates Historic UFO Best Seller

NEW New Majestic Document Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials

William Tompkins & US Navy Secret Space Program

Gene Roddenberry Based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet

HUFFPOST-Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program

Director of Lockheed Skunkwork’s — Shocking Comments About UFO Technology


BRAND NEW WHOA NELLIE READ THIS ONE Gen Andrew Goodpaster Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review

NEW Secret Tunnel to the Underworld Found Under Mexican Pyramid

NEW Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure

NEW World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure

NEW The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light

Who Are The 144,000 People Mentioned In The Book OF Revelation, Chapters 7 & 14?

James Gilliland "As you Wish" Radio **James is Very Good & Knowledgeable **Visit this Site

World Pedophilia Epidemic / Human trafficking


BRAND NEW Scope of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia Unveiled by Prosecutors, Laid Out in Gruesome Detail

BRAND NEW Elite Epidemic: At Least 10 US Mayors Accused of Child Sex Crimes in Just the Last Year

BRAND NEW Shock Report: One Third Of US Government Satanic Pedophiles

BRAND NEW Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police

BRAND NEW How Police Cracked Canada's Largest Child Pornography Ring

BRAND NEW US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group – the Antarctica Connection

BRAND NEW Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement and Clergy"

BRAND NEW WATCH: Mainstream Media Silences Caller When Pedophile Congressmen Are Mentioned"


BRAND NEW California deputy attorney general charged with possession of child porn"

BRAND NEW Deputy Calif. attorney general who is son of Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy arrested for child porn possession"

BRAND NEW via TRUTHEARTH Big Update: High-Level Pedo Arrest, ‘Alien’ Disclosures, Syria Update, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s Son?"

BRAND NEW Calif. deputy AG, 53, son of lawyer organized Watergate break-in/charged over child porn after officials find explicit photographs of minors at his home"

BRAND NEW E.U. Human Trafficking Epidemic Exposed!"

BRAND NEW Investigation into Records of Sexually Abused Foster Kids Ensnares Seattle Mayor "

BRAND NEW Trillions of Dollars Missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD "

BRAND NEW Tony Gambino of the Gambino Crime Family: “The Vatican Runs the Mafia” (Recommended)

BRAND NEW German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust

BRAND NEW Police Chief Warns ‘London is Modern Slavery Hotspot’, 13K Victims Forced into Labor and Sex

NEW ABSOLUTE MUST READ: From Pizzagate to Gold Rigging

NEW Pedogate Update: Massive Int’l Network of 87,000 Pedophiles Dismantled — American Mass Media Silent

NEW Sex and Drug Ring Raided at Apartment of High-Ranking Vatican Cardinal

NEW Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment

NEW NAVY SEAL-Craig Sawyer PEDOGATE: American Heroes To The Rescue

NEW Third Highest Ranking Vatican Official, Chief Adviser to Pope, Charged with Child Molestation

NEW Vatican Treasurer and Former Archbishop Charged with Child Sex Offenses

NEW U.S.A. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report June 2017

NEW Nicole Kidman: ‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World’

NEW 238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust '>>Major Hollywood players' taken down for child sex crimes

NEW REPORT: John Podesta Under Active Investigation As Case Goes "Hot"

Robert David Steele An Ex CIA Agent On The Political Pedophilia Epidemic

Crime Watch Daily investigates sex-trafficking epidemic in U.S.

May 2017 Largest Sex Trafficking Bust in US History, Dozens of High-Level ‘Slave Traders’ Indicted, "The Free Thought Project"

First Official Tied to Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty to Child Rape

NYPD Turns Against the FBI: Seized Laptop Shows Hillary Clinton Covered Up Weiner’s Alleged Sex Crimes With 15 yr old During Election

Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge

2 High-Level Govt Child Trafficking Rings Busted and American Media is Silent

Human Trafficker Admits To Killing Over 400 Children In Video Confession

Hollywood Insider Speaks Out, Claims a Global Pedophile Ring Controls Hollywood

Prince Charles Secret Ties To Elite Pedophile Ring Exposed By FOI Request

BANNED Dr Phil Show March 21, 2017

Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests: police

Fake News

BRAND NEW Is Irma Being Manipulated By A Hurricane & Tornado Control Device ? Check Out The Patent - It's Real

BRAND NEW Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by “flagging” real news as fake

BRAND NEW Top Geopolitical Expert Issues Dire Warning: ‘Beware of False Flag’ Blamed on North Korea

BRAND NEW Operation Mockingbird on Steroids—CGI Allows Mainstream Media to Make ‘fake News’ in Real Time

BRAND NEW New Analysis Kills DNC Hacking Narrative, Shows Russian Data Trail Was Forged

BRAND NEW False Flag Terrorism Isn’t a “Theory” … It’s Admitted and Widespread”

BRAND NEW Michael Mann, Creator of the ‘Hockey Stick’ Climate Graph, Is Held in Contempt of Court for Withholding Scientific Evidence”

BRAND NEW How U.S. Flooded the World with Psyops

NEW New York Times Finally Corrects Bogus Claim That Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11 Attacks

NEW NYT Retracts Claim That ’17 US Intelligence Agencies’ Verified Russian DNC Email Hack”

NEW NY Times Just Admitted Key Component to Russia Hacking Narrative is FALSE”

NEW 3 journalists resign from CNN after network retracts Russia-related story”

NEW 6 Mega-Corporations Control 90% of the American TV and Radio Media Stations”

Financial World

BRAND NEW Damning Study Shows Govts Rob Taxpayers $5 Trillion a Year to Keep Fossil Fuel Industry Going

BRAND NEW One of the Largest Banks in the World Just Accused of Laundering Millions for Drug Cartels

BRAND NEW How Much Wealth Does the Vatican Control?

BRAND NEW It’s Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Freezing Bank Accounts to Bailout Megabanks

BRAND NEW Mainstream Media Admits CIA Not Only Armed ‘Moderate’ Rebels It Paid them Monthly Salaries

BRAND NEW Bolivia’s Evo Morales Declares ‘Total Independence’ from World Bank & IMF

BRAND NEW Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds & Educates Citizens on New World Order

NEW Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold

NEW Wall Street Journal Abruptly Fires Top Reporter After CIA Links Exposed”

NEW Whistleblower Banker: “All Misery on Earth is a Business Model”

NEW The European Central Bank Switched to Chinese Yuan for the first time!

Technology-Science > NEWS & Such

BRAND NEW “We’re Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky”: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS

BRAND NEW Top Scientist Michio Kaku Tells CBS: HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes weather modification

BRAND NEW Fade to Black Jimmy Church W/ Dane Wigington : Irma: Engineering Weather (video)

BRAND NEW Is Irma Being Manipulated By A Hurricane & Tornado Control Device ? Check Out The Patent - It's Real

BRAND NEW Neuroscientists Have Just Discovered The First Woman To See Millions Of Colours More Than The Rest Of Us

BRAND NEW Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

BRAND NEW It’s Here – Astronomers admit: We were WRONG—100 BILLION habitable Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone

BRAND NEW It’s Here – Geoengineering Now Normalized as Scientists Spray Chemicals to Dim the Sun, Soak Up CO2

BRAND NEW Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago

BRAND NEW Nikola Tesla’s biographer claims the scientist had contact with aliens

NEW Are There Patents to Manipulate the Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies?

BRAND NEW Gogoro Electric Scooters

BRAND NEW Gogoro 2 Sets New Sales Record In Taiwan

Seth Rich News

BRAND NEW FBI Caught Fabricating Seth Rich ‘Robbery’ Story

Kim Dotcom: An open letter to Seth Rich's family regarding hacking claims

‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

Fmr Speaker of the House Says Seth Rich Was Assassinated as WikiLeaks Source


BRAND NEW JFK Conspiracy Theorists Are About to Receive the Motherlode

NEW The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part II)

JFK’s Pilot Reveals What The President Knew About UFOs & Extraterrestrials

Banned History Channel video: Government involved in John F. Kennedy assassination

Vaccine News

BRAND NEW BREAKING: Robert Kennedy Jr calls for extradition of CDC vaccine criminal mastermind Poul Thorsen to face charges of criminal scientific misconduct

BRAND NEW BOMBSHELL: United Nations admits latest outbreak of polio in Syria was caused by polio vaccines

BRAND NEW Breaking: Another Famous Holistic Naturopath/Author Dies Suddenly (Anti-Vaccination Activist)’

BRAND NEW Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Health Concerns’

‘Game Changer’: Study Finds 100-year-old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms in Kids

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV

First Study on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children Pulled from Web

Confirmed Science Shows that Vaccinated Children Have 420% Higher Risk of ADHD Compared to Non-Vaccinated Kids

Mainstream Media Outlet Calls for the Execution of Anti-vaxxers

Robert David Steele, Former Clandestine CIA Operative

Robert David Steel Personal website

NEW / In Spanish Roberto David Steele Llamando A Todos Los Latinos #UNRIG

*** This is a MUST WATCH: Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele - #UNRIG, Suppressed Technologies.

Sputnik News International: False Flag Attack Ex-CIA Officer Robert David Steele Unravels Idlib Chemical Incident.

Robert Steele on TREASON = John McCain & Others


BRAND NEW Before Antarctica was covered in Ice—someone mapped it with EXTREME precision

Alternative Media or Blogs

Highly recommend This young Mans Youtube Page...>Destroying the Illusion w Jordan Sather

Dr. Salla - Exopolitics

Stillness in the Storm

Kauilapele's Blog

"GAIA"- Together we can empower The evolution of consciousness

David Wilcox - Divine Cosmos

Prepare for Change: A popular movement for peaceful change during the “Planetary Shift” called ‘The Event’


The Free Thought Project

David Seaman Fulcrum News

WAKING TIMES: Where Evolution and Revolution Collide,

Truthdig drilling beneath the headlines

YOURNEWWIRE.COM ...News. Truth. Unfiltered

The Gateway Pundit: Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback

9-11 NEWS

BRAND NEW CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’

NEW New York Times Finally Corrects Bogus Claim That Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11 Attacks

9/11 MUST SEE: “Dr Judy Wood Where did the towers Go ?

Society & Culture 9/11 MUST SEE: “I Can Prove That It Was NOT an Airplane” That Hit the Pentagon – Major General Albert N. Stubblebine

Things that make you Say....Hmmmm

BRAND NEW Did you know most laundry detergents use a battery of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance?

BRAND NEW Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds & Educates Citizens on New World Order

BRAND NEW Lost Interview Reveals Bush’s Plans to Invade Iraq – 2 Years Before 9/11

BRAND NEW Nikola Tesla’s biographer claims the scientist had contact with aliens

BRAND NEW Music Theory: Exploring The 432 Hz Tuning Debate

50 Holistic Doctors Have Mysteriously Died In The Last Year, But What’s Being Done About It?

Help Support this Reader Blog / Research I do by clicking the Button Below to Contribute




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