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Posted on Friday, July 08, 2016 - 09:23 AM
Well in light of..... "Click Read More Lower Left of Pic"

Love & Politics Cover

Well in light of what is all going on in the World Today I thought about my CD I released in June 2003. "Love & Politics"

Many of these tunes were written well before 03 but the push was all that was happening then and I questioned, Why War?

"The System" would be a good listen right Now. A Bob Marley Reggae inspired vibe

These are 2 lines from the tune.

Everybody is Fighting for the Same Piece of Land you know,

When we all Should be lending out a Helping Hand you know,

there is One Equation that helps-Solve this but One must understand this in their Heart.


Click the pic will take you to my Artist site at CDBaby, Its a Free Listen :)

Peace & Love

P.S. This was my first production playing Studio engineer- Musician ala home studio. Back then we didn't have start ups to help fund a Project to put me in a Professional Studio so I took what little money I had and bought a Tascam digital porta studio. No Pro tools for the common market yet. Went thru a learning cure and started to create.



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